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Events Guest Services A to Z


Alcohol is prohibited in all public areas of the building for basketball. Alcohol may be served for selected concerts and shows and will be permitted in the seating area. Alcohol may not be brought into the building, and all guests, regardless of age, must present valid ID during every transaction to purchase alcoholic beverages. 


Only pets serving as guide, signal, or service pets to aid guests with disabilities, and animals that are an integral part of the approved show, are permitted. Guests bringing in service animals may only use the adjacent seat if a ticket has been purchased for that seat.


All guests entering the Petersen Events Center must be appropriately dressed wearing shirt and shoes. Any guests wearing obscene or indecent clothing will not be permitted to enter.


PNC Bank ATM machines are located on the lawn level to the right of the food court and on the concourse level behind Section 104.

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Baby Changing Stations

Stations for parents to change infants are located in all restrooms on both the concourse level and club level. There is also a baby changing station in the family restroom on the concourse level.

Bag Check, Inspection, and Searches

All guests entering the Petersen Events Center may be subject to a bag or clothing search. Items that do not pass a security search must be returned to vehicles.

Banners, Signs, and Placards

Banners may not be hung in the Petersen Events Center without authorization. Signs and placards are allowed but they may not be derogatory or distasteful in nature, may not block or obstruct the view of another guest, may not be commercial in nature, may not be attached to any pole or stick, and may not be hung where they block any advertising or LED boards. Policies may vary per event.

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Cameras/Recording Devices

For Pitt basketball, The Petersen Events Center allows only small personal still-cameras equipped with 3 inch lens or smaller. Cameras with detachable lenses or flashes are not permitted. Video, audio and professional camera and recording devices are strictly prohibited in the building. Camera polices vary for all other events, please call the Petersen Events Center the week of the event to find out the camera policy for that particular event. 


The Petersen Events Center is committed to providing proactive and immediate response to issues affecting fans. Should you have a concern during an event, please visit Guest Services, located on the concourse level behind sections 119 and 118. For all concerns after an event or concerns that are nonevent related, please call our event hotline at 412-648-3054, or contact us via e-mail.

Children’s Admission

Put 12 months in parenthesis after the number 1. Children under the age of 1 (12 months) do not require a ticket to enter. Policies may vary per event according to the policies of each tour promoter.

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Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are available for fans and concert-goers at Guest Services, located behind section 118–119, if they are not being sold at the merchandise stands.


Elevators are located throughout the Petersen Events Center to allow accessibility to all levels of the facility.

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Family Restrooms

Family restrooms are located on the concourse level behind section 117 and on the club level behind section 110. Diaper changing stations are located in both family restrooms.


Firearms and weapons are not permitted into the Petersen Events Center, and cannot be checked in at the Guest Service office.

First Aid

The First Aid room is located on the main concourse behind section 118 and 119. 

Food and Beverage

Sodexo, Sports & Leisure Division, the arena’s exclusive food and beverage service provider, offers guests a wide variety of catering, specialty stands, and concessions throughout the facility. Food and beverage may not be brought into the facility without advance permission.

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Guest Services

Guest Services is located on the concourse level behind sections 118 and 119.

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Lost and Found

Items that are lost or misplaced in the Petersen Events Center should be brought to Guest Services during the event. Items that are turned in to Lost and Found can be claimed after the event by calling 412-648-3078.

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The main site for all Pittsburgh Panther merchandise is the Pittsburgh Panthers Team Store located in the main lobby. Merchandise stands for men's basketball games are located on the concourse level behind sections 116, 120 and 124. Merchandise availability and locations for all other events will vary.

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Artificial noisemakers (i.e., air horns, drums, and whistles) are not permitted inside the building without management approval. Noisemaking items found in the building are subject to confiscation by event security.

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The paging of guests is not available during events. Emergency phone messages can be delivered to a guest when seat locations are provided. Persons calling Petersen Events Center during an emergency should call security at 412-648-8076. Guests may register their seat locations with Guest Services if they anticipate an emergency call.

Public Transportation


For Port Authority of Allegheny County information, please visit their Web site at or call 412-442-2000.


To arrange for taxi service, please contact Yellow Cab at 412-665-8100. Suggested pickup location is outside of the main lobby at 3719 Terrace Street.

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Reentry (Exit and No Reentry) Policy

Exiting and reentering the building with the same ticket is not permitted.  Exceptions are only made in the case of medical situations and emergencies. 


There are 38 restrooms located throughout the facility on all floors. All restrooms are accessible for physically disabled guests. Additionally, family restrooms are located on the concourse level behind section 117 and on the club level behind section 110.

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Smoking is not permitted in the Petersen Events Center. Guests wishing to smoke will be directed to the patio behind sections 102 and 103.

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Television Monitors

Fifty television monitors are stationed throughout the building. The goal is to ensure the guests never miss a moment of action, even when leaving their seats.

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Water Fountains

Fountains are located on the concourse behind sections 117 and 204.


A limited number of wheelchairs are available for transporting guests that are disabled to their seating location. Guests can be transported from the gates to their seats. If a wheelchair is needed for the duration of the game, guests must supply their own wheelchair. Wheelchairs cannot be reserved in advance. Upon arrival, guests can arrange for a wheelchair at any entrance to the Petersen Events Center. Guests needing assistance after an event should contact a seat attendant or visit Guest Services located on the concourse level behind sections 118 and 119. Guests can then receive wheelchair transportation back to the gate.

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